Incident Response

Rapid response. Fortified defence.

Rapid response readiness

Stay one step ahead of cyber threats with a comprehensive incident response plan tailored to your organisation's unique needs.

End-to-end protection

Secure your critical assets and confidential data through robust cyber security measures that shield against evolving threats.

Resilience for all

Overcome the vulnerabilities of any industry, size, or location with proactive strategies that ensure your organisation's cyber resilience.

Our service

At ITC, we understand the urgency of robust cyber security responses. Our 24×7 incident response practice not only offers swift and effective reaction strategies but also elevates overall security preparedness. We extend beyond traditional approaches by providing preemptive consultancy, enhancing incident response training, war gaming, and preparedness. This proactive approach equips organisations with resilience even before the response phase, ensuring confident incident management. With our expertise, you can reduce business impact, mitigate risks, and ensure uninterrupted operations. Your security, from planning to action, is our utmost priority.


Minimise business impact and mitigate residual risks

By leveraging ITC's incident response practice, you can minimise the impact of security incidents on your business and effectively mitigate residual risks— ensuring the continuity and resilience of your operations.

Unlock insight, strengthen your defences

Working with ITC's incident response practice empowers your organisation with a holistic understanding of your security landscape—enabling you to strengthen your defences and proactively address vulnerabilities.

Tap into expertise, stay one step ahead

Partnering with ITC's incident response practice gives you access to seasoned cyber security experts—equipping you with the knowledge and guidance needed to stay one step ahead of evolving threats and emerging cyber risks.


Rapid and effective response

Our highly trained team swiftly springs into action to curtail the impact of any cyber security incident. We employ cutting-edge strategies and techniques to swiftly contain and neutralise threats—safeguarding your digital assets and systems.

Holistic understanding of your organisation

We delve deep into your organisation and gain insights across technical, strategic, legal, and crisis management priorities. This comprehensive understanding enables us to tailor our response to align with your unique requirements—ensuring a seamless and integrated approach.

Compliance and documentation

We recognise the importance of demonstrating compliance to stakeholders and regulators in the aftermath of an incident. Our service ensures that you have the necessary documentation and data readily available to ease the process of showcasing your commitment to cyber security best practices.

Access to seasoned cyber security experts

We provide rapid access to a team of highly skilled and experienced cyber security experts and advisors. These professionals are adept at collaborating closely and effectively during times of crisis and work in unison to address and mitigate the challenges posed by cyber security incidents.

Anchored in Microsoft's security product portfolio and supported by other best-of-breed security partners