Zero Trust identity built on the best compliance standards in the industry.

On your journey towards Zero Trust, identity is the cornerstone of security. Whether it’s designing the necessary processes, ensuring a proper lifecycle, securing access and authorisation, or helping automate these elements, we can help you address these challenges:

Rising complexity

Implementation of Zero Trust and identity management introduces a complex infrastructure and operational workflow, posing challenges in designing and integrating the necessary controls and policies.

Skills gap

Organisations struggle to find and hire cyber security professionals with the expertise needed to implement and manage Zero Trust architecture and identity management systems.

Optimising investments

Limited resources and budget constraints can hinder organisations from making the necessary investments in technology, infrastructure, and personnel to establish and maintain a robust Zero Trust environment.

Successfully managing the new security perimeter

Strengthen your defences with versatile solutions to cater for dynamic environments and applications existing in the cloud or on-premise. Our identity experts take the complexity out of your identity and access lifecycle.

Cyber advisory

ITC’s cyber advisory services provide you with access to expert cyber advisors who will guide your business in defining and maintaining industry-leading cyber security standards.

Technical consultancy

ITC’s technical consultancy services empower your business with access to cyber consultants and Microsoft experts who offer design, build and delivery best practices with expertise in the areas of security, cloud and identity.

Managed and delivered by our award-winning team of cyber security experts

ITC’s advisory-led approach, integrated delivery model and service excellence ethos gives you access to the best of cyber security skills, technology and governance.

Our cyber advisors

Work with you to understand your business needs – alleviating the burden of analysing and investigating security alerts 24×7.

Our technical experts

Tailor your solution based on our assessment — built for today with flexibility to scale for the future.

Our security experts

Provide proactive intelligent insight on the steps you need to take to make cyber resilience your competitive advantage.

Our customer success team

Build and run your cyber solution so that you can focus on what matters: your business.

Anchored in Microsoft’s Security product portfolio and supported by other best-of-breed security partners