DDOS Attacks: What are they and how can we prevent them?

We have seen attacks from the ‘Anonymous’ hackers previously, towards the end of last year they targeted the US think tank. We are aware of what they can do and the power that they have. Despite being aware of this, the US Banks recently became subject to new burst of DDOS attacks. JPMorgan Chase & […]

Byte Night

This year ITC Global Security took part in Byte Night, which is the IT industry’s annual sleep out in aid of Action for Children. We have recently become members of TheKnowList who introduced us to the great work that Byte Night do for Action for Children. There were 15 of us from ITC that took […]

The rise of Mobile Malware

Following the second quarter 2012 report by McAfee Security, one of the key elements to address was following the rise of mobile malware through new Androids. Despite the awareness of cybercrime, McAfee have attempted to resolve issues following drive by downloads, the use of Twitter and the appearance of randomsware. In this quarter, spam is […]

Ransomware holds data hostage

Following the rise of mobile malware, there are different types of malware, all which are fluctuating differently. Ransomware is the most common currently, which is what will hold your entire data hostage once you have been a victim of the malware attack. This works by encoding data from your computer and then using unidentified payment […]