How much will being hacked cost?

This week there have been two unlinked large stories about hacking in the news. In the first case, we have heard that the Home Depot September data breach (just the 56 million credit card details) has cost Home Depot $43 MILLION SO FAR! In the second case, we saw images of Sony Pictures machines with dire catastrophic warnings of data loss/publication if certain conditions were not met. News of this breach spread around the world […]

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware that really does what it says on the tin – once it is installed on a piece of equipment it allows someone else to remotely hold your computer or device hostage. This may be done by remotely locking a device, for example – once this has happened then the […]

Google and Facebook launch free cyber security tools

The fight against malware and cyber attacks is ongoing and in recent years many have highlighted how little some of the big names in tech really do to help control it. Well, in response to this Google and Facebook have both recently launched open-source cyber-security tools that are designed to help deal with this issue. […]

Ebola advice emails from ‘World Health Organisation’

The Ebola crisis is grabbing the headlines all over the world as we all begin to appreciate just how much of a threat it is, not just to the health of those in West Africa but the rest of the world too. As more news headlines have been made and more campaigns started, we have […]

Tabnabbing”: The New Phishing Attack You Need to Be Aware Of

One of the latest phishing scams to hit our Internet browsers is a deviously simple attack known as “Tabnabbing”. It targets anyone who keeps multiple tabs open in their browser for extended periods of time – which is most people. Then uses JavaScript to change the label and contents of a page that has been […]

What is a DDoS Attack and how can it Affect My Business?

Malicious hackers use Distributed Denial of Service attacks to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users. Almost every type of online service is at risk. At best, a DDoS attack will cause inconvenience and chaos; at worst it can bring down a business and gain access to sensitive data, compromising security […]

Change the sChannel – they’re showing a repeat.

Two weeks ago, on this very page ( , we sympathised with Linux and Open Source users facing relentless patching as a result of some ancient vulnerabilities that were finally being discovered. Not ones to let those bearded types have all the fun, Microsoft has found a ladder, had a rummage in the attic of […]

How to protect yourself from digital bank hacks

It’s one thing to try and protect personal information that’s in your possession but what happens when the issue affecting your data lies with someone else’s security? In recent times we have seen a new form of hacking hit the headlines with hackers infecting cash registers in order to be able to steal cardholder details […]

Is the Apple Watch secure?

With the Apple Watch due for release early next year many industry commentators are predicting that a whole swathe of competitor devices are likely to follow suit. So, just as most of us now have smart phones, in a couple of years time we could be using smart watch technology in the same way. As […]