The gift that keeps on giving

Anyone keeping tabs on the leaked tools and exploits of ‘The Equation Group’ (NSA), will be aware of the numerous infrastructure patches that are being released by vendors to plug the gaps in vulnerable firewalls. These are sure to be coming thicker and faster, for instance this week SilentSignal, a Hungarian based security consultancy, has […]


On August the 13th a slightly cryptic, entertaining and highly interesting announcement was posted on Pastebin. The publishers (the nattily named ‘A GUEST’) claimed to have hacked a significant stash of the ‘Cyber Weapons’ arsenal of one, or a number of, nation states named ‘The Equation Group’ by Kaspersky labs on account of the highly […]

Summer bugging

Bugs are always an unwelcome nuisance, especially during one’s holidays where none of the high-grade preventative measures purchased from seemingly honest traders appear to make the slightest bit of difference. This summer (Northern Hemisphere readers), this has been true of both the family trip to the Mediterranean and a flurry of bug activity in the […]

Her name is Rio, her bank account details are…….

With Olympic Fever in the air, not to mention the mosquitoes, it was inevitable that the Cyber criminal eye would come to focus on the already troubled Brazil. It appears, according to IBM’s X-Force researchers (we <3 X-Force) that a Brazil specific variant of the long serving Zeus banking trojan has been developed in a […]