How to Stay One Step Ahead of Ransomware in 2022

In his previous blog, ITC’s Cyber Advisor, Neil Lappage, discussed how the capabilities of ransomware actors and the complexity of attacks are evolving faster than an organisation’s ability to prevent them. Ransomware continues to be amongst the fastest-growing cyber attack strategies faced by businesses today. Bad actors are also making attacks more complex, costly, challenging […]

Log4Shell –CVE-2021-44228 –Apache Log4j Vulnerability

Priority: Critical Executive Summary: Tracked as CVE-2021-44228. A new remote code execution vulnerability in Apache Log4j2, a Java based logging tool enables threat actors to take full control of servers without authentication. Publicly disclosed on 9thDecember 2021, the vulnerability is believed to being actively exploited in the wild. The flaw was dubbed “Log4Shell” by LunaSecwho […]