Russian Intelligence Service

Russian Intelligence Service – Overview Summary The Russian Intelligence Service is made up of various departments, of which the main three are, Chief Intelligence Office/Military Intelligence (GRU), Federal Security Service (FSB), and the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).  With the war in Ukraine still operational, it is likely that Russia will continue to carry out cyber […]

Russia-Ukraine Malicious Cyber Activity

The Ukrainian government confirmed yesterday afternoon that another large-scale cyber attack is taking place; this is less than a week since websites were last targeted in a similar attack. “We’ve not seen something [like this] that’s taken it to a completely different level,” an official told the BBC. This large-scale cyber attack preceded Russia’s invasion […]

Barr Humbug

Unfortunately we will not be talking about the legendary A.G.Barr, Scottish manufacturer of the insanely popular Irn Bru, which until 2009 at least was ‘Made in Scotland from Girders’. No, we will be talking about a distinctly less sweet member of the Barr diaspora, although almost certainly also made from girders, William Barr. For those […]