ITC hosted its 4th Annual Security Conference on Wednesday 31st January 2018, taking place at the iconic Banking Hall in London. Featuring world-leading Security and Geo-Political key-note speakers, the event focussed on the theme Cyber Security – Basic Hygiene and The Human Factor. Topics covered, but were not limited to; Basic Hygiene, Human Factors, Insider Threat , Cyber Consulting and GDPR.

The Presentations

Ron Moultrie, Former Operation’s Director US National Security Agency & Senior U.S. National Security Official
An Insider’s Perspective: The Importance of Cyber Hygiene and The Human Factor

Lt General Sir Grame Lamb, Former Director of UK Special Forces and Commander of the British Field Army
An Insider’s Perspective: The Importance of Cyber Hygiene and The Human Factor

Malcolm Taylor, Cyber Business Development Director, ITC
Cyber Security Consulting

Gareth Lindahl-Wise, Director, Cyber Risk, ITC
The Cost of Poor Hygiene

Kevin Whelan, CTO, ITC
Cyber Security – The Human Element

Dob Todorov, Chief Cloud Officer, HeleCloud
Securing Your New Public Cloud

Hans Allnutt, Partner – Head of Cyber Risk, DAC Beachcroft
Basics to GDPR Compliance

David Kemp, EMEA Specialist Business Consultant, Micro Focus
GDPR Enablement in Practice

Highlights of the Day

Photos from the day

MNBA & Insider Threat documents

Managed Network Behavioural Analytics – as highlighted by Ron Moultrie, Insider Threat is a growing risk to all organisations. Find out all about our scalable Enterprise-grade Managed Security Service for businesses of all sizes below:

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