Managed Security Services

Get ahead of the threats with ITC Secure. We specialise in the installation and utilisation of various cyber security software. Including vulnerability intelligence services, firewall and intrusion prevention, endpoint detection and response, and more. Ultimately, we keep you safe in an age where cyber threats are becoming more common and more complex.

Alongside the cutting edge cyber security software we provide, you’ll have access to the dedicated ITC Secure team. We’ll help you with updating your existing security protocols and technology, the implementation of new cyber-security, as well as giving you insight and knowledge necessary to succeed with the ever-changing world of cyber-threats.

To reference a few of what these security services do:

  • Our Vulnerability Intelligence services will fulfill their namesake, identifying any potential risks to your network and business, this allows us to get ahead of any breaches before they happen, as well as put forward a plan of where to focus to better enhance your cyber-security.
  • Firewall Intrusion Prevention keeps your systems up to date, meaning everything from the simplest bad line of code, to a targeted virus will fail at getting through your defenses.
  • Our EDR will monitor the endpoint of your systems, ensuring that if any breaches do occur in any part of your cyber-security, it’s immediately contained and isolated from the inner workings of your business.

To find out more about what we do here at ITC Secure, get in touch with us on our website by filling out the provided form, or simply give us a ring and we’ll be happy to detail our services. Stay safe in the modern world with ITC Secure.