Cyber threats and attacks are developing alongside new technology – this means that new threats are regular, making your networking security vulnerable if it has not been updated recently.

If you would like to know what threats loom in the digital sphere, then do keep an eye on our TOTW page. Our expert cyber threat blogger and CTO, Kevin Whelan, offers you valuable insight into the latest threats.

Threat of the Week – False Alarm
The latest TOTW blog post is titled False Alarm, with a focus on a cyber security group known as The Shadow Brokers. They have a collection of vulnerabilities stolen from the ‘Equation Group’ who are allegedly contracted affiliate of the American National Security Agency.

The villains responsible had released a significant number of the threats, which were then responsible for perpetrating the WannaCry malware, which impacted Windows 7 machines, including computers in the UK’s NHS hospitals.

Read the False Alarm blog post today to find out more.

Avoid All Cyber Threats
If you would like to avoid the risk of having your private information accessed or leaked, then you will want to weigh up the opportunity to work with our fine-tuned security services. Ensuring that you are up to date with the latest threats and malware is important, but gaining professional support is just as integral if you want to keep sensitive information in your business private.

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