Private Equity Sector

Leading private equity company chooses ITC as it’s trusted partner.

The Customer Ask

Following merger and acquisition deals, most cyber security challenges arise from the acquiring company failing to assess the cyber security maturity of its acquisition target. This led to the requirement to conduct pre-acquisition cyber security due diligence as regulatory liabilities, vulnerabilities and incidents can become the responsibility of the acquiring company.

The Technical Challenges

Due to the stage at which the deal was in progress, this diligence needed to be strategically approached and could not be carried out in an intrusive manner. This also meant that the acquiring company would not have access to the target’s network or internal processes.

The customer required a due diligence process that utilised only open source intelligence to gain deeper understanding of the target company’s cyber security.

A trusted and accountable partner who could deliver advisory expertise and provide independent assessments and trusted guidance was needed.

The Solution

The customer has a long-standing partnership with ITC and so requested for a due diligence report to be conducted on a target company.

The due diligence process is a non-invasive review that assesses an organisation’s current cyber security, controls and practices, to identify high-risk areas, red flags and cyber vulnerabilities in a presentable format which can be relayed at board level.

ITC provided a clear and easy to understand security ratings report which both board-level and those with more technical competence could review.

ITC’s credible reputation and confidential reporting enabled more informed and fact-based decision making. The customer was able to understand the findings which prevented any financial loss and more importantly protected against reputational damage.

The Results

The solution met the overall customer requirement. Various areas of the business are more informed about the target company’s cyber security with actionable findings.

The solution also resulted in higher levels of customer trust and protected them against financial loss and damage to their reputation.

ITC’s Cyber Due Diligence is carried out remotely and uses proprietary software to analyse the maturity of cyber security controls and practices within investments. Through insight, advice and understanding of the risks the customer may be acquiring, ITC provides General Partners with confidence in their acquisitions.

The ITC Journey

This case study offers a good insight into why Private Equity firms choose ITC as their trusted partner. From initial consultancy through to delivery and outcomes, ITC provides organisations with a clear understanding of cyber risk management and the confidence that their investment is protected.



Private Equity sector


HQ in Europe, with offices around the globe


Non-intrusive due diligence needed to be carried out, meaning no access to the target’s network or internal processes.


A clear and easy to understand security ratings report was produced.

Different levels of the business were able to review this.

ITC prevented financial loss and reputational damage for the customer.

About ITC

ITC has over two decades of experience delivering cyber security solutions to organisations in over 180 countries.

At the heart of ITC’s cyber services is a London based, 24-hour, manned security operations centre. From this centre of excellence, ITC’s teams deliver high quality managed security services to help organisations manage the growing complexity of cyber threats and securely support their digital transformation.

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