Incident Response

Cyber security incidents have become inevitable; the result of our increasingly interconnected and technology-enabled world. As the increasing frequency of high-profile breaches shows, no organisation is immune and every second counts. It’s important you’re prepared and able to respond effectively, whatever your industry, location or organisation size.


Our comprehensive 24×7 end-to-end Incident Response practice is well positioned to advise organisations that are preparing for, responding to and learning from cyber security incidents in order to minimise business impact and residual risk.


  • Rapid and effective response to reduce the impact of a cyber security incident
  • Understanding of your organisation across technical, strategic, legal and crisis management priorities
  • Availability of relevant documentation and data to demonstrate compliance to stakeholders and regulators 
  • Rapid access to cyber security experts and advisors, all of whom are experienced in working closely together in times of crisis.

99.31% average incident response time