In this article ITC’s Malcolm Taylor, a former intelligence officer with the British Government, considers the question new clients most often ask, “how should we start our journey towards being more cyber secure?" Read more >
Welcome to our re-styled and enhanced Cyber Bulletin
Our aim for this new monthly publication is to offer you thought-provoking views and a few insider tips to give some interesting and different insights into the world of cyber security.
This month’s main feature is an article from ITC’s Malcolm Taylor, an ex-GCHQ security expert. It illustrates his angle on cyber maturity and provides some good advice on pragmatic steps to staying secure.
We highly recommended Threat of The Week (see link below), an amusing look at the latest cyber crisis, as seen through the irreverent eyes of our Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Whelan.
The Threat Horizons (see link below) are genuine past warnings our Managed Security Customers would have received in real time (when it mattered most). You can check your own security against these alerts, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like any assistance.


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