1 In A Million…

It seems at last that hackers have come back from their holidays early this year, hopefully your security experts have done the same! There is some good and some bad news this week, so let’s start with the good…

It is almost a one in a million chance, but FireEye and FoxIT have released a tool (DecryptCryptoLocker) that allows for some CryptoLocker victims to regain possession of their encrypted files. By using the tool victims have a chance to obtain keys for free that can unlock the files that were encrypted by CryptoLocker.

There is now hope then, if you still have your files, and for that matter, you still need them.

And now the bad news…

Good news travel fast, bad news even faster, and when murmurings of a widespread vulnerability to an SQL Injection exploit hit hackers with sufficient know-how were notified of the opportunity and they seized it to tremendous effect.

Hackers have got their hands on 1.2 billion passwords (and their respective usernames!!!) from over 400,000 websites.

The result:

–        1.2 BILLION usernames and passwords compromised

–        Out of the 1.2 billion usernames over 500 million were unique email addresses

–        Many of the affected websites are still vulnerable

–        Some of the websites may even belong to Fortune 500 organisations

–        A number of the credentials were most likely unencrypted or have been cracked – the fact that reports indicate the information is being used to propagate spam and not being sold leads to this assumption.

Realistically, a security failure on this scale means it really can be your or your company’s credentials that were compromised. Someone could be, right now, using compromised login data for systems that are key to your organisation.

We recommend the following:

For Web/Software/Application Developers/Admins:

–        Please review OWASP Pro-Active Controls

For Users:

–        Have a unique password for each website

–        Change your passwords, and change them on a regular basis, and please, change all of your passwords to something new now

–        Where possible, use 2 factor authentication; Google, Facebook, etc. do support this.

–        Keep your passwords safe and use them safe

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