Eoin, Eoin, Gone

As our regular readers came to realise 380 weekly blogs ago (or something like that), we are a fairly cynical bunch trying to tread the lines between what is real, what can we do to help, what is just fantasy, let alone Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt industry scaremongering (GDP Argh being a classic case in point).

Week after week, we report on all the bad stuff that is going on with just an occasional happy ending. This week however, we are delighted to report on two excellent developments for the forces of good.

The first is the excellent news that the former operator of Freedom Hosting, Eric Eoin Marques, the largest TOR website, largely devoted to things that most of us find repulsive, is to be deported from Ireland to the United States of America, where one can only hope that a very lengthy, treacherous and terrifying prison ordeal awaits.

You may recall that Freedom Hosting was taken down by none other than the girls and boys at Anonymous, who not only DDOS’d the platform but also leaked the membership list (hard to explain to the family, employers, the congregation etc.). This was followed by the Feds using some sophisticated skills and a bug in the Firefox browser to identify this loathsome toad.

Anyhow it looks like time has run out for this enabler of perversion. He had best refrain from dropping anything on the floor for the remainder of his life.

In other news, which should bring a smile to the faces of some, Harold Thomas Martin, the former employer of the leaky as a bucket Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp (remember Edvard Snowdenski), has pleaded guilty to stealing a monster amount of secret information from the National Security Agency over a twenty year period, some of which, including the dreaded EternalBlu turned up in The Shadow Brokers dump (rumour is that Harold may have sold, or at least tried to sell this, and was the likely source) and has wreaked havoc far and wide.

So all in all, a good week for the forces of good, including our very own super SOC team, who have produced another super piece of work, which explains the ramifications of Cisco’s semi-annual security advisory. If you run Cisco stuff, and let’s face it you’d be unusual not to, have a read.

As always, our experienced team are ready and willing to help you. Please contact us at: [email protected] or call 020 7517 3900.