ITC Behavioural Analytics

Insider threats to your cyber security are potentially the most devastating. They are founded on familiarity with your organisation and privileged access to your data. If Edward Snowden can undermine the NSA, what are the chances an individual could wreak havoc with your business?

Key benefits

It is an automated process that provides 24x7x365 security risk reduction and real time remediation of incidents that may have gone undetected in traditional event-driven alerting platforms.
In addition it:

Why you might need this service

Based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, it observes and monitors user devices and network activity to learn your organisation’s way of life. It can then detect threats and anomalies in real time – and act on them. This will help you manage the evolving risk of cyber attacks and ever-present insider threats, meet increasing regulatory expectations, and make best use of finite resources.


From our Security Operations Centre we monitor logs, incident reports, anomaly threats and insider risks, alerting you through prioritised, consumable reports for both technical and executive audiences.