ITC Firewall and Intrusion Prevention

Network intruders, who could come from inside as well as outside the network, will look to exploit your vulnerabilities. They’ll launch distributed denial-of-service attacks, or attack internet connections. This has the potential to release worms and viruses that can spread across worldwide networks in a matter of moments. There is often no time for human intervention – the network itself must possess the intelligence to recognise and mitigate these dangers.

Key benefits

The service ensures that, in spite of an ever-evolving threat landscape, your critical infrastructure is protected and you have control and visibility of all applications.
ITC delivers:

Why you might need this service

This is a cost effective, entry-level cyber protection service that guards against network intruders and attackers. Allowing you to be sure your network perimeter is secure, and to know that anyone accessing it, from outside or inside, will not pose a risk to your cyber security. It’s an essential part of the cyber security basic hygiene that all businesses should adopt, and it ensures compliance with the growing demands from tighter regulation.


We have more than two decades’ experience of delivering firewall and intrusion protection for some of the UK’s best-known organisations and a number of major global brands. The service is managed by expert analysts from our state of-the-art Security Operations Centre in London.