ITC Incident Response

Incident Response provides technical support when customers are experiencing or have experienced a cyber attack, a confirmed breach or loss of data. When under attack it is necessary to identify the source and the target and to apply protective measures to thwart the attack and to safeguard digital assets. After an attack has happened it is crucial to establish a precise timeline of events so that future occurrences can be prevented, and damage assessment can be carried out. Incident response is part of a corporate risk management programme and allows customers to plan for cyber incidents and mitigate business impact.

Key benefits

ITC’s Security Incident Response Service delivers a 24x7x365 Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) to help customers deal with cyber security emergencies. Our seasoned analysts have years of industry experience and will establish the type and source of an attack, the data targeted and will recommend which protective measures to take.

Why you might need this service

The reality today for most organisations is that they would struggle to deliver Incident Response in-house in the event of a cyber breach. Most organisations site the training requirements necessary to keep internal IT teams skilled up as well as the lack of hands-on IR experience in their IT teams as some of the major challenges to running their own IR service. Combined with additional headaches that come with investigating one’s own people, processes and technology at a time of crisis and heightened tension, businesses are finding that they benefit greatly from engaging the services of an experienced and professional Incident Response managed service.