ITC Log Management

This service logs the activity on your network and uses the data to identify cyber threats – actual and potential. It also supports the regulatory requirement for businesses to retain user logs which can be forensically analysed.

Key benefits

This service simplifies your security arrangements by providing:
The service also enables better risk management and decision-making, as logged data can be used in sophisticated ‘what ifs?’ to evaluate, and plan for, possible future intrusions. This means appropriate recovery plans can be designed around likely scenarios.

Why you might need this service

How do you know who’s using your network, when and for how long? Can you compare usage to identify suspicious behaviour? And do you have records that confirm your regulatory compliance?


We provide automated/scheduled reporting, access to security experts, and the cost certainty associated with continual, resilient management and platform support. Our managed security services have been providing visibility, control and assurance to major global brands for more than two decades.