ITC Sentinel SIEM

ITC’s SOC and Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel platform provides a comprehensive approach to data collection, threat detection, incident investigation and rapid response. Our London-based expert analysts manage and support the service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Key benefits

Through built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence, ITC’s Sentinel SIEM brings automation and orchestration to multiple security tasks. Adhering to a range of compliance rules and regulations, the need for centralised logging is addressed, allowing data to be collected at cloud-scale, providing unlimited compute and storage capability.

The service provides:

Why you might need this service

To address evolving cyber threats, businesses need to be proactive rather than reactive. Increased responsibility on internal IT teams and manual processes divert the focus of budgets and resources.

A partnership with ITC will alleviate internal pressures, provide access to security experts and industry-leading automated tools and technology so your business can focus on the bottom line.


ITC has over 25 years of experience delivering managed security services for a number of global brands. Delivered and managed through our world-class, London-based, Security Operations Centre, we utilise the industry’s first cloud-native technology to automate and orchestrate an all-encompassing security information and event management solution.

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