ITC Third-Party Risk Management

This is a fully managed service that helps organisations measure, manage and reduce their exposure to third party and supply-chain related cyber threats. We provide continuous daily monitoring of third parties, using an industry recognised scoring system to identify where risk is highest and to alert customer and third party on the actions needed to improve their cyber security position.

Key benefits

Using externally observable data, our analysts can rate all the third parties you interact with.
The service provides:

Why you might need this service

It’s estimated that over 60% of breaches are linked to third parties. So, understanding and mitigating this risk is a business imperative. Whether it’s vendors, clients, partners or acquisitions you’re dealing with, continuous visibility of their security performance is critical. Poorly rated third parties carry a significantly higher risk of cyber breach.


From our London-based Security Operations Centre we constantly monitor the world of cyber security, ensuring that all relevant threats are identified, and our customers are given the right advice to reduce risk exposure. In addition, our cyber experts deliver a comprehensive onboarding process that ensures a complete understanding of your risks and priorities.