ITC Threat Intelligence

It’s virtually impossible to maintain a view of all threats across the surface web and the dark web that could impact your business. Which is why threat intelligence services are becoming a major element in most cyber defence strategies.

Key benefits

ITC’s managed Threat Intelligence is a professionally-deployed and maintained service that ensures your key information is protected. It alerts you to relevant information, filters out false threats, spots future threats and enables a proactive response. And by using prediction and prevention, rather than detection after the event, you can make the best cyber security decisions for your business.
The service provides:

Why you might need this service

Constant monitoring is needed to track current and potential cyber threats, which may be specific to your organisation or a global trend. Threat actors are varied and many. Information is disparate, and difficult to find, mine and interpret. The time it takes to identify threats and react during incidents is critical. And resource constraints, limited data sets and data overload are a challenge.


ITC utilises a highly-stable commercial platform chosen for its breadth and depth of information. We ensure constant feedback and tuning, together with monthly reporting and debrief sessions. We also provide support with intelligence goals and special projects that require critical fine tuning.