ITC Vulnerability Intelligence

Businesses face hundreds of malicious attempts to break their cyber defences every day, and nearly half of all UK firms have suffered breaches or attacks in the last 12 months. Our Vulnerability Intelligence service helps you cope with this threat. It identifies your overall exposure to cyber attacks, ascertains the dangers inherent in your network, and enables you to prioritise your security spend.

Key benefits

You will obtain visibility of all your assets (known and unknown), and gain an understanding of those that are critical to your business.

To make this possible we:

Why you might need this service

It will help you to understand the threat to your business, and enable you to take control of, and manage your level of risk. It does this by establishing where you are most vulnerable to cyber attacks, identifying precisely what’s on your network, where your key data is housed, what should be patched and how effective your patching process is. It also considers the cyber threats to your business – what they are, which are a priority and where you are most vulnerable to the attacks that will inevitably occur.


We are proven vulnerability experts, delivering global visibility, control and assurance, supported by 24x7x365 monitoring and management from our London-based Security Operations Centre.