Is your Darktrace investment delivering security?

Make more from your Darktrace investment

Businesses are investing heavily in behavioural analytics and artificial intelligence as insider threat, whether malicious or not, is one of your biggest cyber risks.

5 simple steps to make more from your Darktrace investment

  1. Do you already have Darktrace? If so, how do you use it? Are you getting ROI from your security investment?
  2. ITC offer a simple Darktrace health check. Our expert analysts will check out your network and evaluate its performance.
  3. We will demonstrate all the additional benefits you can get from a managed Darktrace solution.
  4. We can deliver a fully managed 24x7x365 security service, where our expert analysts will use your existing platform to help you deliver positive return on your cyber investment.
  5. If you are not an existing Darktrace user and want to know more about ITC’s Behavioural Analytics service, click here.


ITC Secure are experts in deploying Managed Security Services, we deliver specialist capability, taking the pressure off your IT teams. We’ll monitor logs, incident reports, anomaly threats and insider risks, alerting through prioritised, consumable reports for both technical and executive audiences. Our professionally deployed Behavioural Analytics services are designed to help you avoid insider threat and spot changes in work patterns that might point to a serious risk to your data, ITC’s Darktrace Threat Visualizer allows deep insights into Security Behaviour with your organisation.

We can simply onboard your current DARKTRACE set up here at our ITC Offices in London, give you a health check on current efficiency and then our 24x7x365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) will take over, monitoring for potentially damaging anomalous behaviour and flagging those that need your attention.

  • Is your Cyber Immune System delivering the protection you need?
  • Is your network configured to deliver best protection?
  • Can your teams handle the volume and complexity of alerts?
  • If you are looking for a Darktrace demo then contact our ITC expert team below


When it comes to learning about Darktrace security, we have given you some key Do’s and Don’ts to follow below:

Darktrace Do’s Guide:

  1. Work with us to ensure sensors are put in the right place.
  2. Work with us to ensure that sensor sizing is appropriate for the level of traffic.
  3. Review whether you need additional vSensors.
  4. Work with analysts to refine the platform, to ensure that noise is reduced and malware is easier to discover.
  5. Provide a list of subnet longitudes and latitudes, so that these can be accurately represented on the platform.
  6. If appropriate, provide us with subnet names, so that the subnets can be accurately named on the platform (e.g. ‘Guest Wi-Fi’)
  7. Warn us of any new subnets being added to the traffic, and allow for Darktrace to spend time learning this new traffic.


Darktrace Don’ts Guide:

  1. Neglect advise on sensor locations and sizing.
  2. Underestimate your throughput, as this will cause Darktrace to crash.
  3. Acknowledge breaches on the platform (unless you are willing to accept if a security issue is missed because of this).
  4. Make network changes without ensuring that they will not block communications between sensors.