ITC Secure launches brand new service management capability; ServiceNow

At ITC we are committed to listening to our customers and delivering improvements to the services we provide.

As part of our continuous service evolution, we are delighted to announce that as of the beginning of October, we have introduced a new and enhanced service management capability.  This best in class collaborative platform has significantly improved the way we communicate with our customers and delivers a straightforward “issue to resolution” process that adds real value to our managed security services, and the experience of our customers.

This capability supports the wider ITC growth strategy more effectively and was delivered following feedback received from frequent discussions with our customers, during the research phase, prior to the implementation and launch.

Our new service management capability is built on the industry leading ServiceNow platform and delivers enhancements that include;

  • Faster Resolution

We utilise the latest automation and knowledge management capabilities to fix issues more quickly, particularly if a major incident occurs.  Our customers have access to new functionality that produces detailed reports ensuring their business is fully informed.

  • Improved Email Communications

Emails are sent against agreed criteria and not for every ticket issued and only communications where customer input is necessary, delivering valuable time savings to our customers and their teams.

  • Personalised Portal

A tailored landing page with branded personalisation, containing key information and a straightforward process for running incident reports, trend analysis and dashboards that are accessible to all levels of technical knowledge within an organisation.

  • Ticket Information

A significantly enhanced level of information available to our customers and their teams, each ticket allows full visibility and ensures that a clear audit trail exists for compliance and business continuity.

  • Hot Buttons

Simplified templates that allow for rapid contact with ITC service experts for fast remediation of issues.

We asked our Head of Service, Ajay Dhokia, a few questions about ITC’s new platform and what he thinks this means for our customers:

ITC has introduced ServiceNow; can you tell us what it does for you?

 The toolset underpins our current and future security services with a flexible approach to an incident lifecycle. This is integral because we know security incidents don’t align to the traditional ITIL incident management methodology.

 Personally, I think the toolset introduces an enhanced customer environment. We can share more information of incidents with our customers as well as full implementation plans and risk planning through the portal. We have given them the ability to extract Incident, Change and Service Request data as part of reporting requirements. One major introduction is the News feed so that everyone from engineers to C-level users within the customer environment can view the latest Threat Horizons and ITC updates through the portal.”

 Why has ITC made this investment?

“This investment is a major step in ITC’s portfolio of Managed Security Services. It not only shapes the way we deliver, communicate and analyse security events, but shapes the design of our future service offerings such as our latest Incident Response service.”

Why now?

“ITC introduced ServiceNow in line with the move to our new London headquarters in the heart of Canary Wharf. We have designed a state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC) with digital wall displays so that analysts can view security threats in real time and SPOG windows that will enable our SOC team to respond to incidents and trends more effectively. More importantly a digital display that our analysts can interact with to support critical security incidents and the investigations around them.”

What do customers think so far?

“Initial feedback has been hugely positive, and we are still introducing more functionality following further feedback from our customers even after going live, and this won’t stop there. As part of our Continual Service Improvement programme we will be introducing additional functionality each month from suggestions received both internally and from our customers.”

If you would like to discuss the capabilities delivered via our new platform, we’d be happy to organise a meeting or call. Please let us know if there is anything more you’d like to know about our new SOC and the capabilities this delivers across all our services.

ITC is making the digital world a safer place to do business.