Which Collaborative IT Trends will be Big in 2013?

Last year saw many IT based collaborations between different companies and systems due to growing trends throughout the year. Some of these trends were huge in 2012 whilst some are just getting on their feet now, whatever happens, 2013 is looking to be massive for IT.

One such trend that has gone from strength to strength over the last few years is cloud computing. No longer just a way to increase the amount of data storage available, the cloud is now a useful tool for companies to outsource services that were previously handled in house. With businesses utilising cloud networks more and more there will likely be an increase in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies as office computers become redundant. BYOD has been shown to be a thoroughly modern and productive approach to office work and with devices becoming more sophisticated each year this policy will become even more relevant.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is another trend that will most likely see growth over the current year. SaaS uses the advancements of cloud computing to offer software to clients as a ‘rented’ online tool rather than selling it outright as a physical program. There are many benefits to this model as many software programs are extremely expensive and troublesome to integrate into an established system, SaaS solves these problems. With companies beginning to use these services more and more it is likely collaborations between different businesses will be as strong as ever.

Another important trend that will most definitely continue into 2013 is that of big data. Many companies, both large and small are finally realising the importance of utilising the wealth of information available online about their current and possibly potential customers. Big data encompasses many different services across different areas, this means there will be a need for departments to work together closely to get the most value out of the information they have gathered.

With so many collaborative trends preparing to take off in 2013, security is an issue that is as important as ever before. ITC Global Security can provide software that ensures users have a complete visibility of their overall IT system and any potential threats.