Microsoft Security Stack – will there still be room for specialists?

As the functionality and capability of the Microsoft security suite continues to grow, and the results of comparative testing from industry experts get more impressive with each passing month, where is this all going – and what will the specialist security market look like in 5 years?

Here at ITC we have been very impressed with the last two years of development coming out of Redmond and as some of you may know, we’re committed to developing managed services around the MS security stack – and for good reason – it’s a fine solution and it works.

So where does this leave other vendors? What’s the future for third-party providers of endpoint, SIEM, threat and vulnerability management, identity et al?

Our view is simple – no one vendor is ever going to be the subjective or objective “best” in all areas of security. We’re lucky to work in an industry which has millions of very smart people working for thousands of innovative and agile companies driving new and exciting ideas and approaches to information security on a daily basis.

There will always be new ways of securing our data and applications which are, for a period of time, only available from the original innovator, and they will continue to drive development throughout the industry and among their competition.

Here at ITC we remain very active in researching the whole cyber security market and making sure we stay in touch with the innovators and establish links with the new entrants – we will never assume our current solution is the best, or most appropriate for our customers.

We have nothing to fear from the perceived domination of our industry by the giant players – it can only lead to start-ups and established competitors upping their game and raising the bar again and again – and this leads to the ultimate goal we’re all driving for – better security.