Behavioural Analytics

Today’s businesses are progressively more connected and data-driven, and the pressure on companies to keep their information protected from a variety of threats is increasing. Of these risks, insider threats are some of the more difficult to identify and defend against because they are founded on familiarity with your organisation and privileged access to your data. Furthermore, the majority of breaches associated with insider threats are not malicious and using security tools to spot and stop accidental leaks or bad practice can be difficult.


Our Behavioural Analytics solution is a 24×7 enterprise grade threat detection capability. Based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, it observes and analyses your user devices and network activity. The service establishes a baseline which reflects “normal” traffic patterns and data flows in your network, highlighting events which differ or stand out for our analysts to investigate.


  • Smarter security monitoring through baselining
  • Generates insights for asking the right questions
  • Ability to automate and avoid using manpower
  • Opens the doors to more powerful analytics and machine learning models