Solarwinds Supply Chain Attack (Sunburst Malware)

Priority: Critical Executive Summary: A highly sophisticated attack using a trojanised version of SolarWinds’ Orion software has been discovered, affecting both private and public organisations globally.1 The attack is believed to have started as early as Spring 2020 and is still ongoing, making this an imminent threat to any organisation using SolarWinds Orion. The attackers […]

Talk Talk, Chit Chat, Natter Natter

You name your company the same as a 80s/90s band whose last album (1991) was called “Laughing Stock”. For some reason, as yet undisclosed, you store all of your customer details, past and present, in the buff, unencrypted (accessible through your clearly vulnerable) Internet-facing web servers. No matter the root cause, which will be forthcoming […]