The Cyber Alliance

To defend our healthcare

C5 Capital has formed an alliance of cyber professionals who will Convene, Advise, Recommend and Empower our healthcare systems and providers so that they can defend us.

Over two months, cyber attacks against the healthcare industry have risen by 150% as cybercriminals make use of Covid-19 in various attack vectors.

Not only does this increase pressure but adds an additional threat level to overburdened hospitals, clinics and research facilities.

“ITC is excited to be a part of the Cyber Alliance to reduce cyber security risk in a significant way and make the digital world a safer place. As a managed security services provider, operating 24 hours a day, we bring something unique and, especially when combined with the other Alliance members, incredibly powerful. We are honoured to be involved in the Alliance’s first initiative: to provide collective cyber defence for our healthcare services. Currently, these essential services are under exceptional pressures and levels of cyber-attacks. ITC is proud to play its part in protecting the incredible work these organisations are doing to keep our communities safe and healthy.”

– Arno Robbertse, Chief Executive, ITC Secure

Our collective mission is to:


Industry experts across the Alliance will come together to collaborate and tackle the cyber issues facing the healthcare industry.


Collective intelligence gathered across the Alliance will provide guidance and support for critical workers and providers across healthcare systems.


Offer tools and tactics from the Alliance’s armoury of resources to address the myriad issues suffered by healthcare providers so that they stay safe in cyberspace.


Free access to our UK IronDome for leading healthcare organisations working at the forefront of the epidemic in the UK and Europe, to focus on their mission and the continuity of operations and patient care.

For more information about the Alliance please contact: