ITC Cyber Summit 2024 – The Modern SOC in the Age of AI

Faster Future: Amplify Your Defences in the Age of AI

Unlock the Future, Defend Today

In a world where cyber security thrives on the synergy of people, processes, and tech, the rise of AI, phishing-as-a-service, and relentless adversaries begs the question: How can businesses supercharge their security game for optimal outcomes?

Today, the modern enterprise faces an imperative to manage human risk, secure identities and access, and maintain continuous monitoring. These facets are critical not only for regulatory compliance but also to protect users and resources while mitigating risks. Now, as technological enhancements intersect with the dynamic threat landscape, the moment is ripe to accelerate towards a faster future.

Paul Kelly, Director Security Business Group at Microsoft, and Steve McKeaveney, Head of Customer Success at ITC Secure, discuss the opportunities and challenges of AI within the modern SOC at the 10th annual ITC Cyber Summit.