Fireside Chat with Admiral Mike Mullen and Lt. Gen. Sir Graeme Lamb

ITC’s 8th annual Cyber Summit 2022 centres around the theme BEYOND – From resilience to risk.

2021 was the year where resilience was a must for organisations to survive, and whilst this will continue, 2022 is the year where organisations will need to go beyond surviving to thriving – by innovating and strengthening their approach to risk management.

ITC’s Chief Executive, Arno Robbertse, hosts an exclusive fireside chat with Admiral Mike Mullen and Lt. Gen. Sir Graeme Lamb.

Admiral Mike Mullen: Admiral Mike Mullen served as the 28th Chief of Naval Operations from 2005-2007 and as the 17th Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff for Presidents Bush and Obama from 2007 to 2011.

Lt. Gen. Sir Graeme Lamb: Lieutenant General Sir Graeme Lamb is a former director of UK Special Forces and Commander of the British Field Army. He was Deputy Commander to US General Petraeus in Iraq and key adviser to US General McChrystal in Afghanistan.