ITC Cyber Peak 2023 – Positive outcomes in a complex market

Following the ITC Cyber Summit in January we will continue the conversation of how organisations can do more with less.

The ITC Cyber Peak takes the complexity out of cyber security for business leaders with the latest practical and operational guidance.

Discover how to improve your cyber posture with confidence and gain the agility needed to stay ahead of the threats of today, and of the future…so that you can focus on what matters the most — your business priorities.

Jason Curtis, Head of Presales at ITC, delivers the following session:

Start with the desired outcome and the required cyber security posture, rather than beginning with tools and technology. Navigate the cyber security vendor sprawl through favouring cohesive and unified over claimed best of breed and siloed technologies. Eliminate the gaps and overlaps that are inevitable with a multi-vendor approach to cyber security. Learn the importance of the M (Managed) in an organisation’s XDR (Extended Detection & Response) approach and strategy.