ITC Cyber Summit 2023 – Closing Remarks

ITC’s 9th annual Cyber Summit 2023 centres around the theme Reframe the Conversation.

In the last few years, businesses have built up their cyber resilience in response to the continued increase in threat levels. Combined with the complexity of digital transformation and the changing financial reality, now is the time to steer the conversation about cyber security – how can businesses increase protection without exceeding their budgets? 

Today, businesses can do more with less, benefitting from end-to-end solutions spanning security, compliance, identity, device management, and privacy across multiclouds and platforms. 

Now is the time to simplify cyber security and use it as an enabler for your business, whilst optimising existing investments and gaining accelerated ROI.

Against this backdrop, we brought together industry experts to discuss the biggest cyber security trends and issues affecting organisations today.

Mark Weait, Chief Revenue Officer at ITC Secure, makes the closing remarks.