Security awareness is dead (or dying)

Security awareness is dead. Or, at the very least, is dying.

Think about it. You have a modern business. Or maybe you’re just trying to keep up with the times. Despite that, you’re still using an approach from 20 years ago to manage your human cyber risk.

Huh? Yeah … we NEED to talk!

Over 90% of cyber security incidents are linked to people. So why are organizations only paying lip service to human cyber risk? Why are tick-box training and phishing simulations still used? How can we make meaningful progress to quantify human cyber risk and change security behaviors?

The ‘Security awareness is dead (or dying)’ webinar will help you learn how to build on security awareness training to influence real and lasting behavior change in your organization. Getting those answers isn’t easy. But don’t worry, we’ll help you out.

We’ve gathered the latest research, industry insight, and data from the CybSafe machine. And we’re going to tell you everything about changing human security behaviors that other security vendors can’t.