Unlocking the power of generative AI

Generative Artificial Intelligence (gen AI) is rapidly reshaping the business landscape. Its accessibility, ubiquity, and transformative potential make it a game-changer for organisations worldwide.

But how can your organisation harness this power effectively?

Join our upcoming webinar to explore the fundamentals of gen AI in security and discover how it can revolutionise your workflows. 


Opening and overview on gen AI concepts:
  • Machine learning within cyber security
  • Gen AI
  • Automation
Prerequisites and expectation setting:
  • Defining outcomes
  • Human resource
  • Permissions and plugins
Building blocks for successful adoption:
  • Technology (XDR)
  • Postures and controls
  • People and processes
What Copilot adoption could look like for you:
  • Use cases
  • Prompt books 
  • Pricing
Q & A: Bring your questions and engage with our experts. 

Key speakers:
  • Mark Weait, Chief Revenue Officer at ITC Secure.
  • Sean Wasonga, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft.
  • Simrat Kaur, Digital Security Sales Specialist at Microsoft.
  • Steve McKeaveney, Chief Technology Officer at ITC Secure.