A Proud Microsoft Gold Partner

Did you know that we are now proud to be a Microsoft Gold partner?

So, what does this mean for us and our customers? Quite simply, being a Microsoft Gold partner means that we are trusted to provide an outstanding service to our customers.

This also means that Microsoft recognises our hard work and dedication, and with this partnership, we are leaders in our field which allows us to offer an outstanding service to our clients.

What are the top four benefits to us being a Microsoft Gold partner?

  1. We can utilise our skill set to deploy services by using a variety of Microsoft security products
  2. You’ll get to benefit from our continuous customer support and be the first to know about any updates or news that will affect you
  3. Our team can offer consultative expertise with best-in-class implementation and optimisation of existing Microsoft investments
  4. We’ll be able to offer you smarter training tools

To discover more about what this partnership means for you, take a look around our website. To learn more about how we can give you peace of mind when it comes to cyber threats with the help of Microsoft, get in touch with our team today.