Behavioural Analytics

Three benefits to our behavioural analytics

For many businesses, cyber threats are a real worry and is something that should be taken care of accordingly. By utilising our help, we are able to work closely with your business to offer managed behavioural analytics that can highlight different activity and understand when a threat is imminent.

The key benefits of using our behavioural analytics are:

  • Gives you greater visibility of network traffic
  • Frees-up existing staff that currently take care of security maintenance
  • Increases flexibility and cost-effectiveness for your business

How does it work?

Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, our system observes and monitors user devices and network activity to learn how your organisation works. From there, it can then detect threats and anomalies in real time and act on them.

Why choose ITC Secure?

Our managed security services are made by our professionals who apply their expertise to iron out any issues and make you more aware of security threats and how to stop them. We are equipped with everything your business needs to stay secure during the day and through the night.

Our highly trained team are combined with state-of-the-art equipment and programmes which can track changes, understand themes and get to grips with every element of your protection from cyber threats.

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