Cyber Threat Intelligence For Businesses

Discover how we can secure your business with our cyber threat intelligence

With cyber attacks being constantly present, it can sometimes feel as though you’ll never fully understand how to be one step ahead. At ITC Secure we make it our mission to identify threats by using our expertise and knowledge to ensure your cyber security is up to date.

By investing in our cyber threat intelligence, you will benefit from:

  • Security operations access to the threat intelligence platform
  • Integrated risk scoring
  • Broad visibility, including areas such as brand monitoring
  • Real time threat identification through machine learning
  • Sensitive projects support
  • Business risk-aligned reporting
  • Alerting with context triggered by new threats or data leaks

In doing so, we can filter out any false threats and develop a proactive approach to any threats that may harm your business and your data.

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For more information on our threat intelligence, you can download our portfolio and our advisory paper.

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