Invest In Our Endpoint, Detection And Response (EDR) Services

A phenomenon in the world of cybersecurity which has grown in the past decade is endpoint, detection and response (EDR) services. They are central to the security of companies the world over and help to track and analyse changes which would not normally be noticed by rudimentary security systems.

At ITC Secure we have become a leading provider of EDR services which can be moulded to your specific needs. There are many ways in which an endpoint, detection and response service can be applied, but it usually comes with a range of features, such as:

  • Ongoing monitoring can be handled simply as the service looks at the endpoint and network events. This makes it a proactive service that can be trusted to keep your business safe.
  • A database which can be used to identify trends and track internal and external threats to your systems.
  • Detect and find solutions to problems. Not only through proactive tell-tale signs but through administering solutions, you will achieve a rounded and complete security solution.

Our team at ITC Secure have been working hard to tailor our endpoint, detection and response (EDR) services to each business that comes to us. Whether you are searching for better proactive measures or you want to track and store more data about your endpoint and network activity, we can help.

To discover more about out EDR services at ITC Secure, speak with our team today.