Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) Services

Does your business regularly use the internet or the cloud to complete its services and store sensitive files and pieces of information? When you require reliable and secure IT protection for your files, then you will need to ensure you find a company who can offer expert technological security for your systems. Here at ITC Secure Networking, we offer a unique Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) Service known as NetSure360°.

NetSure360° is built upon the integration of our world class security & network operations centre. The main aim of ITC’s NetSure360° is to carefully integrate security, network and performance management into one system; and our system is highly effective in doing so – having transformed the security and operations of many businesses across the globe.

Our managed security operation system offers reliable security management with logging, incident response, firewall management and threat intelligence. It has great network management, including the management of WAN and LAN, as well as offering WiFi as a service, and a monitoring service, and it also offers increased performance for WAN optimisation and user experience.

When you require cyber security support, you can always rely on our expertise here at ITC Secure Networking.

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