Managed SIEM

Managed Siem IT Security

Does your business complete numerous amount of work online and over the internet? If this is the case, then it’s vital to ensure that you carry out all the right security checks for your computers and software.
If you’re an individual who is not particularly ‘tech-savvy’, then there’s no need to worry over the prospect of implementing checks or new security software into your company’s IT components; that’s why we’re here, to support you. At ITC Secure Networking, we provide numerous cyber security services, ranging from managed SIEM to mobile device management.

Technology Security
As we have all experienced over the years, technology has adapted enormously; and with that adaption comes changes in IT security protocols. At ITC, we want to help as much as we can. Although we’ve got all the knowledge required to assist with cyber security, we want to educate you too, so you can take actions for the safety of your computers and software. We have an innovative approach to IT security – with our new 5 step security model.

Managed SIEM Systems
With a carefully constructed SIEM system, you will have management and analytical functions for your enterprise’s security. A SIEM system logs security information and documentation for analysis, usually focusing on a user’s devices, servers and network equipment. There are many options available to you, with regular monitoring of antivirus and firewalls; as well as extra security equipment, like intrusion prevention systems.

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