Managed SOC Services

Are you exploring your cyber security options and require an effective solution? Here at ITC, we provide a wide selection of IT security services, one of which is our popular managed SOC services.

Many people will want to find IT security that is operative and continuously defending your system, but knowing if it’s working is another question. Here at ITC Secure Networking, we provide reliable IT security to clients across the nation. Corporations nowadays use the latest technology to go about their business, but ensuring that all avenues are explored and secured is integral.

Our NetSure360° was built to allow us to offer security management & infrastructure as a service. It coincides with world class SOC & NOC platforms within a ISO Standard Service Wrap. Our NetSure360° combines extremely well with managed SOC services as it gives you a variety of security benefits including Security Management, Network Management and Performance Management. With regular logging, firewall management, threat intelligence, incident response, network access control, WAN & LAN management and user experience among other services, we’ll be able to ensure your system is safe and secure at all times.

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