Discover what our Microsoft workshops can do for you

With so many people accessing vital information across multiple platforms, you may be vulnerable to threats and attacks, so it’s important to understand the changes you can make. If you want to 

At ITC Secure, we recognise that businesses all over the world are dealing with secure hybrid working challenges.

We are pleased to be known as a Microsoft Solutions Partner, and this means we can provide Microsoft Commerce Incentive workshops to help you navigate the complexity of today’s cyber security environment, while also focusing on industry best practices and steps you can take to prevent attacks.

After we have completed an eligibility check, our workshop programmes in Cloud Security, Identity, and Cyber Advisory will be delivered by our very own ITC Secure Microsoft experts and will be fully funded by Microsoft.

Our Microsoft workshops include:

Endpoint Management Workshop

Discover Sensitive Data Workshop

Securing Identities Workshop

Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop

Manage and Investigate Risk Workshop

Defend Against Threats with SIEM Plus XDR Workshop

Existing ITC Secure customers should contact their account manager to inquire about the workshops. If you’re new to us, please call us at 020 7517 3900 and we’ll be happy to assist you.