MXDR Services

How Can You Benefit From Our MXDR Services?

The rapid advancement of digital transformation presents both advantageous prospects and potential dangers. As we increase our connections with the external world, our exposure to risks also increases. 

Due to a lack of resources and technology, increased regulatory and operational pressures, system compromises, and ever-expanding attack surfaces and vulnerabilities, establishing a properly integrated cyber security approach can be difficult. However, with MXDR services, you can get back in control.

By adopting a comprehensive cyber security approach, we can provide you with the peace of mind you deserve through the following options:

ITC MXDR – Our solution merges cutting-edge technology with expert cyber security knowledge to provide a unified and modular approach to threat hunting, detection, response, and remediation. By streamlining complexity and mitigating risks 24/7, we can enhance your overall cyber security stance.

PULSE – ITC’s service delivery platform features an industrialised operating model that combines human expertise, top-of-the-line methodology, and automated processes. The result is an unmatched experience that delivers intelligent detection and optimal protection for organisations on a large scale.

When paired together you can benefit from actionable intelligence, better protection and accelerated response. 

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