What can you gain from our MXDR, powered by Pulse solution?

At ITC we aim to deliver intelligent detection and optimal protection for your business at scale. When you combine ITC MXDR with Pulse gain access to:

Greater visibility

Profiling your assets and collecting data and security event observations from multiple-signal inputs across endpoints, networks, systems and applications.

24×7 monitoring

We monitor your environment 24×7 by combining automation and human intelligence necessary to effectively manage today’s threats and emerging risks.

Continuous intelligence

Capacity to scale with automated continuous information gathering and analytics to deliver high-quality attack indicators for subsequent study, decreasing dwell time.

Credible reporting

Delivery of dependable, understandable, and practical reporting for better decision-making to enhance your security posture.

Customised response

Customised reaction actions are taken for each environment by adding more information to security event notifications before taking any threat-mitigation measures.

Technical analysis and human insight

Combined intelligence delivered through our platform, with a team of professionals who can enhance, contextualise, and provide practical mitigation solutions.

We combine cutting-edge technology with in-depth cyber security knowledge to deliver a modular and consolidated set of threat hunting, detection, response, and remediation capabilities. These capabilities simplify complexity and lower risk around-the-clock, all while assisting you in strengthening your overall cyber security posture.

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