Optimised 24/7 Endpoint, Detection and Response (EDR) Service For Your Business

It can boggle the mind to think about the number of entry points there are throughout any business. Like a building, the entrances must be guarded and checked to ensure that no-one or nothing enters without permission.

At ITC Secure we are on hand to give you the best support at this stage to protect and prevent cyberattacks from becoming a problem in your business.

How can our team at ITC Secure do that?

One of our most popular services is Endpoint, Detection and Response (EDR). This fully optimised and managed 24/7 365 service is perfectly suited to any business with any concerns about their security.

From our specialised security operations centre in London we are able to manage and track any changes across your business and networks. Any critical moment will be responded to and each entry point will have the instant protection.

This upgraded security can provide peace of mind across your whole business and help to protect your assets from being damaged, stolen or hacked.

The system works by combining our experience in the world of cyberthreats and is tailored to the ever-changing landscape of these attacks. No matter how sophisticated the attack, our EDR service can help to stop it from its point of entry.

To discover the real application for your business and the importance of our EDR service at ITC Secure, get in contact with us today.