Put Your Faith In Our Industry Standard Third-Party Risk Management

Third-party software and partnerships are a vital cog in many businesses. Bridging the gap between your current needs and your future development, their specialisms can be extremely useful. It is, however, an uncontrollable risk if a third party is compromised and leaves you vulnerable.

At ITC Secure we are tasked with providing a safe and non-invasive third-party risk management service. This constantly monitored risk management is a great way to keep your company protected from unfettered third-party software and services.

How can our third-party risk management help your business?

Every company that we work with uses third-party software and services slightly differently. Our professional team understand the dangers and potential risks associated with third-party providers.

After all, it is suggested that over 60% of breaches are related to third parties. This makes it an integral area to analyse within your business. Our team at ITC Secure can provide the best chance of detecting issues before they become a problem for your organisation.

Our work at ITC Secure is boosted by our team of analysts and our industry recognised scoring system. The combination of these two elements allows us to monitor any third parties you use and ensure that they do not provide significant risks to your business.

To get started or for more information on our 24/7 third-party risk management service, contact our team today.