Security Log Management

There’s a growing dependence on companies to keep their data secure and their access routes guarded from the possibilities of attack from all angles. This development has come as a result of the rising tide of fraud and cyberattacks on servers and systems across the world. To help you battle this dangerous world you need to talk to a team of experts that know exactly how best to deal with the problems you’re facing.

Any entrance to a building is the most liable for access; whether it’s a bank, an office or a high-rise building. That’s why the most protection is placed at these parts. That’s also why you need to guard against the entrance of your servers and systems. At ITC Secure Networking we can help you to track and record who enters and leaves your servers with our security log management.

By logging and tracking data from your servers, applications and networks, you’ll be able to have a transparent record of who has attempted and who has gained entry to your servers. You’ll therefore have the best chance of using this data to make a difference in your company. Our security log management is competent in recognising security incidents before they become a problem.

This has become vitally important recently as what is being called the ‘Edward Snowden Insider Threat’ begins to become more prevalent. Coupled alongside this newly developed threat is that of the recent changes to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance which come into practice May 2018. With ITC Secure Networking, we can help you prepare for the challenges both of these pose in confidence.

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