Threat Intelligence Services For Businesses

Learn more about our threat intelligence service and how we can protect your business

Whether you’re a brand-new business or well-established in your field, it’s vital that you protect your data and are prepared for any breaches.

Here at ITC Secure we are equipped with everything your business needs to stay secure during the day and through the night. Our highly trained professionals utilise state-of-the-art technology to identify changes, understand themes, and get to grips with every element of your protection from cyber threats.

Protect your key information by using prediction and prevention methods, rather than detection after the event. This will help you make the best cyber security decisions for your business.

Our threat intelligence service provides:

  • Broad visibility, including areas such as brand monitoring
  • Business risk-aligned reporting
  • Alerting with context triggered by new threats or data leaks
  • Real time threat identification through machine learning
  • Sensitive projects support
  • Security operations access to the threat intelligence platform
  • Integrated risk scoring

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